Frequently Ask Questions 

We have picked a few of the most frequently asked questions our customers ask us either during the installation process, or prior to confirming their orders. If you have a question that is not answered below just send us a message here or go to the contact us page of the site


Can you take my old floor away?

Yes we can for a small fee. Our pricing structure is tailored to meet the needs of our customers and in most cases the customer would like the option of carrying out this task themselves in order to save money. In fact most local councils will collect certain floor types free of charge. Some larger flooring establishments may offer the service FREE of charge, but in reality the cost is built into the overall cost of the floor or installation. We aim to keep our prices realistic and good value for money.




What is LDPM?

LDPM stands for liquid damp proof membrane. This is a form of treatment we sometimes need to apply to a concrete screed in order to ensure that the relative humidity (RH%) reaches the standards specified by the flooring manufacturer, or indeed British Standards. It does NOT mean you have damp. See more here on how we test our floors

Can you fit the floor under my skirting boards?

This is a very common question, but actually the floor is fitted first. To provide a clean install without any beading or scotia around the perimeter of your room, the skirting boards can be removed. Once the new floor is installed we can either re-fit your skirting boards (in some cases) or simply supply and fit new. Once fitted this gives a clean finish around the perimeter of your new floor.

How long does it take to install a floor?

​This obviously depends on the room whether it is a lounge or a hall or a w/c. Typically we would suggest that a lounge floor of 15 m2 in laminate would take between 3-4 hours. However, Solid wood for example would require some sort of sub-floor preparation to bring it up to the required standard, which is generally carried out a day or so prior to the installation. The installation could then take up to 8 hours for the same size room. For clients with larger areas, or rooms we simply increase the number of fitters on site. If this happens, there will always be a senior company installer on site at all times.


Why should I go with you?

Apart from the quality of work we provide, your new floor guarantees will be validated by using flooring professionals. As qualified and registered flooring professionals we understand all aspects of floor installation from the sub-floor through to the installation and then maintenance of your new floor. We are trained specifically for this task and we can guarantee NOT to sub the work out, unlike 99% of flooring shops or retailers. General Builders or Carpenters have very different areas of expertise. To explain this in simple terms, would you go to your GP if you had a tooth ache? most people wouldn't. Installing a floor isn't difficult, getting it right is! Whatever you decide make sure your fitter is a qualified flooring specialist and NOT just a carpenter or builder.